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Delivering Real Property Tax Relief  

Linda is committed to reforming the property appraisal process and delivering real property tax relief to our families and seniors. 


Advocate for Women’s Health 

Linda has prioritized women's health, addressing maternal mortality, and increasing healthcare access for disadvantaged women because access to care should never be a luxury. 


Protecting and Supporting Our Schools

As a State Representative Linda increased school funding while keeping taxes low. She also assisted in the formulation of Texas’ School Safety Action Plan which emphasizes making schools safer places, identifying threats in advance and resolving them, and improving mental health assessment and services. 


Supporting Small Business  

Small Businesses have been hit hard by COVID-19. Linda is committed to cutting needless regulations and red tape so our local small businesses can recover and thrive.  


Keeping Families Safe 

Protecting our community should be job number one for any legislator, Linda passed legislation that reduced the rape kit backlog and bills aimed at stopping the flow of human trafficking and illegal drugs.