Dear Friend,

Bitter partisanship has overrun Washington for decades and is spreading to Texas. Even in a national crisis, some elected officials cannot get along.


That is not the kind of politics that made Texas so successful. Only by working together will we recover from this virus, keep Texas economically strong, and support our schools.

We must defeat the virus and ensure the well being and safety of our community.

I bring people together to solve problems. That is how I was able to pass huge reforms while still lowering taxes. Here is what can be accomplished working together:

  • I helped balance the budget with no tax increase—while saving $9 billion in the emergency fund—which we certainly needed this year.

  • I passed restrictions to lower skyrocketing local property tax rates; and next I will reform the property appraisal process that is driving up taxes.

  • I worked with local schools to give them the support they need.


This year, more seniors are exercising their right to vote by mail. Your official application for ballot by mail is attached below. Just print it, sign it, add a first-class stamp, and mail it back. You will receive your ballot later, vote, and mail it back. It’s that easy. The deadline is soon, so please return the request for a ballot by mail today.