Balancing the Budget, Meeting Families’ Needs

With her small business knowledge, Linda earned a reputation as a breakthrough budget writer on the Dallas City Council, where she consistently passed a balanced budget, fought against tax increases, and ensured the City met our families’ top needs. Today, Linda continues her effective budgeting work as a member of the powerful Appropriations Committee of the Texas House.

Last session, Linda successfully reduced government waste, increased funding for our schools and roads, and succeeded in passing a $4 billion tax cut for our families and job creators – all while balancing the budget.

Linda works hard to ensure our community remains at the forefront of public safety, job creation, education, and infrastructure in Texas. Above all, Linda’s number one concern is the safety and prosperity of all our families.


Cutting Taxes

Remarkably, Linda served on the only Dallas City Council to cut taxes in recent years. Today, she continues fighting for low taxes down in Austin.

This past session, while working to balance the state budget, Linda helped pass a monumental $4 billion tax cut for our families and job creators. In 2015, when all was said and done, Linda’s tax cut was the largest in America.

While many politicians turn to raising taxes for a quick fix, Linda focuses on finding smart, lasting solutions within our means that achieve real results. She believes it is our responsibility to ensure hard-working families keep more of what they earn.


Keeping our Neighborhoods Safe

Before we sent her to Austin, Linda had already earned a name for herself making our neighborhoods safer.

When Dallas suffered from one of the highest crime rates in the nation, Linda worked with the community and law enforcement leaders to make our neighborhoods safe again. Linda voted to hire more police officers to fulfill the “neighborhood beat” program, in which our police officers could get to know the community and develop relationships with neighbors. Linda also went around to the district’s Homeowner’s Associations and made sure they had a Crime Watch organization and a “Volunteer in Patrol” group. If they didn’t, she helped start one. As a result, the area’s crime rate dropped 45%. It was the most significant major city crime drop in America over a decade.

Now, as a member of the Emerging Issues In Texas Law Enforcement Committee, Linda leads on police and public safety issues across Texas. Linda’s long experience working to make our neighborhoods safe has earned her the endorsements of the Dallas Police Association, Richardson Firefighters Association, Dallas Fire Fighters Association, and the Combined Law Enforcement Associations of Texas.


Smart Solutions for Road Funding

As a member of the Appropriations Subcommittee on Budget Transparency, Linda led an effort to increase budget transparency by ending harmful budgetary “diversions” siphoned away from our highway funding. In doing so, Linda helped ensure that over $1 billion of our gas tax dollars were used for their intended purpose and put back into building and maintaining our roadways.

Last session, with TxDOT facing a multi-billion dollar deficit in highway financing, Linda was instrumental in putting Texas State Proposition 7 on the ballot for voter approval. This funding solution dedicated an additional $2.5 billion a year in existing funds toward crucial road construction and traffic reduction projects. Statewide voters overwhelming approved Proposition 7 by 83%.


Securing the Border

We all have a responsibility to uphold the rule of law and ensure that we do not incentivize people to break it. When Washington failed to do this, Linda made sure Texas stepped up to protect our border.

To protect our families from the threat of terrorism, human trafficking, and drug smuggling, Linda helped pass a groundbreaking $800 million dollar border security package. This new security plan placed an additional 250 troopers and high-tech surveillance systems along our border so we can prevent illegal crossings and respond quickly to international crime.

With terrorist threats on the rise at home and abroad, Linda believes we cannot afford to take chances when it comes to our families’ safety.


Creating Good Jobs

Before she served on the Dallas City Council and as our State Representative, Linda and her family owned National Shoes, Inc., one of Dallas’s oldest downtown family-owned businesses. In operation for 65 years, the family business survived multiple recessions, teaching Linda first-hand the danger of high taxes and job killing regulations. She believes that removing harmful government roadblocks is the best recipe for businesses to grow, create jobs and provide good opportunities for families.

As a pro-jobs businesswoman, Linda voted to reduce the harmful business margins tax by 25 percent and eliminated the outdated regulations so our state’s economy could continue to expand and lead the way nationally. The results? In 2015, Texas was the top job creator in the nation despite the downturn in oil prices.

As our State Representative, Linda stands up for every enterprising Texan who has a big idea and lays it all on the line to build their American dream.


Strengthening Local Schools

We have many shining examples of excellent ISD’s in our community because we strive for the very best teachers, technology, resources, and the local control to make it possible. Like you, Linda cares deeply about our kids’ future ability to provide for their families. She served as president of her PTA when her two boys went through RISD schools and, today, as our State Representative, Linda continues to fight for the best possible education for all our students.

In the Texas House, Linda restored $1.5 billion in school funding that was lost during the recession and stood firmly against overbearing high-stakes tests that tie our teachers’ hands and prevent meaningful learning. And Linda helped pass Texas’ high-quality pre-kindergarten program, so our highest-need kids receive a strong start that will drastically increase their chances for long-term success.


Reliable Water Supply

There is nothing more crucial to our health and economy than having a strong, reliable water supply. Though we take it for granted, water is the most important natural resource on the planet. And the simple truth is: only regions with ample water will continue to grow and prosper.

As a Dallas City Council Member, Linda garnered top experience working on our key water issues for eight years. She understands the challenges facing Richardson, Dallas, Garland and Addison. She has experienced living through water restrictions with all of us, and has worked to provide services to hundreds of neighborhoods. As our State Representative, Linda puts her experience to work to ensure that our community will always have the water it needs to grow and thrive.

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