Meet Linda

Successful Small Business Woman

Linda’s grandfather opened a small shoe store in Dallas in 1929 and the family business survived the Great Depression and multiple recessions without ever asking for a government handout. Growing up in the shop downtown, Linda knew from a young age the value of personal responsibility and hard work. As part-owner of the family business, Linda learned firsthand the investment it took for a business to be successful and the impact giving a helping hand makes in the community.


Raised Her Family in Our Community

Linda and her husband Myron have been married 43 years and have two adult sons, Jason and Jonathan. While their two sons were going through the public schools of Richardson ISD, Linda became invested in her children’s PTA, where she was elected president. Eventually, she became a Texas PTA life member, and still serves our students and teachers today.


Results Driven Dallas City Councilwoman

In 2005, Linda’s strong community efforts, and advocacy for small business’ success led her to be elected to the Dallas City Council. While in office, Linda authored and successfully passed ground breaking improvements to the city’s infrastructure, business, and youth programs. Linda worked with all of her district’s Homeowner’s Associations to create Crime Watches and organizations known as VIPs (Volunteers in Patrol). She helped to create safer roads while keeping taxes low, revitalized older parts of town and their businesses, and started a fund to send thousands of kids to summer camps.


Rising Star in the Texas Legislature

In 2015, following her success as a city councilmember, Linda took her efforts to Austin as an elected State Representative. During her first session, Linda was appointed to one of the highest ranking committees, the House Committee on Appropriations, which crafts the state budget for the next fiscal year. As a defender of the free enterprise, she has also helped pass a $4 billion tax cut for our families and job creators – all while balancing the budget. Linda also made sure our families would be protected as she was instrumental in passing the $800 million border security package.

Linda works hard to ensure our community remains at the forefront of public safety, job creation, education, and infrastructure in Texas. Above all, Linda’s number one concern is the safety and prosperity of all our families.

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