“I will be a strong conservative voice for less taxes and regulation. That is how to create lasting careers for hardworking Texans.”


Linda served as the consistent conservative on the Dallas city council and fought against the area’s largest tax increase. Endorsed by The Dallas Morning News, Linda knows the issues backwards and forwards and is ready to fix education, address transportation, create jobs, and fight for our shared conservative values.


Having put her two boys through our public schools, Linda has immersed herself in improving education. For Linda’s leadership on education, she was named “Texas PTA Honorary Life Member”, received the “Advocate for Children Award” and the “RISD Golden Apple Award.” Linda will always fight to keep our schools the best in Texas.


Linda’s family-owned, small business experience and Master’s degree from the highly acclaimed School of Management at UTD taught her the dangers of tax increases, unnecessary regulation and job-killing government programs. As our representative, Linda will fight every program and tax that hurts small businesses so we can grow our economy and create jobs.

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